Contracts: Your GPS for a Successful Transaction

16 Mar

Contracts: Your GPS for a Successful Transaction

Contracts: Your GPS for a Successful Transaction

Monday, March 16, 2020 (1:00 PM to 4:00 PM)
3.00 CE Hours
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It doesn't matter how advanced your GPS is - if you don't learn how to use it and stay up to date with changes - you're probably going to get lost! Have you ever set out for a destination only to realize that your GPS had picked up the wrong address? You may not have noticed the subtle difference, but could be way off course by the time the mistake has been discovered. The same concept applies to contracts.

The good new is...this is preventable! This course is designed for both new and seasoned agents. This is a great opportunity for new agents to avoid developing bad habits, and for seasoned agents to break any bad habits which may have developed. Protect your and your brokers' licenses, as well as your clients and transactions!


Your virtual class will maintain the same class standards and requirements as if you were physically sitting among your classmates and instructor. The same policies for attendance and participation apply.

Zoom Video Conference
Zoom Video Conference

Lisa Oden
Lisa began her career in real estate in 2007 during one of the most challenging markets which provided tremendous opportunity to experience situations far beyond atypical transaction. She has seen some of the best and worst situations such a market brings to the surface, which has fueled her passion to teach. She is a Million Dollar Club member and is currently an active member of the Northeast Atlanta Metro Association of REALTORS®. Lisa very much enjoys learning about new technology and how it can benefit the industry. She has taught for RPR, as well as written and delivered training for REData Center.