How to Legally and Ethically Manage Your Instagram Business Profile

20 May

How to Legally and Ethically Manage Your Instagram Business Profile

How to Legally and Ethically Manage Your Instagram Business Profile

Thursday, May 20, 2021 (10:00 AM to 1:00 PM)
3.0 CE Hours
Zoom Video Conference ARA, CAPITUS

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Come learn how to avoid the potential pitfalls related to promoting yourself, your business and your properties on Instagram!  
Due to the growth of social media marketing, an effective business Instagram presence can impact the success or failure of your real estate career.  This class covers the rules you need to operate safely and ethically when marketing your business.  We'll examine specific examples of real estate practitioners and the Georgia real-estate laws and ethics that should guide every decision before making a post.  An emphasis is also placed on managing ads, listing properties and selling through a Business Instagram Account specifically for real estate professionals.  Class  includes an in-depth understanding of the Georgia Real Estate Laws governing advertising and promotion on the web.

Zoom Video Conference
Zoom Video Conference

Shantha Wetterhan
Shantha earned her degree in Mass Communication with a specialization in Journalism and a minor in Political Science from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  She earned her certification in Digital Marketing Strategy from Kennesaw State University.

Shantha is known for her enthusiasm, desire to serve, creative training techniques and passion for learning.  She is devoted to providing her audiences with the most current information, tools and confidence to easily implement their own effective social media plans and personal branding techniques.

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