Salesperson Prelicense Cram Course

12 Nov

Salesperson Prelicense Cram Course

Salesperson Prelicense Cram Course

Saturday, November 12, 2022 (9:00 AM) to Sunday, November 13, 2022 (4:30 PM)
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Atlanta REALTORS® Center, Atlanta, Georgia CAPITUS, CRAM

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NEW: Our HYBRID cram course offers students the choice of either a face-to-face or virtual learning environment.  The hybrid class provides the flexibility to choose "in-class" one day and virtual the next day.  Look for the ZOOM LINK in the email reminder coming from school staff.  

Practice makes perfect... If you’ve completed your salesperson Pre-license course, Capitus offers a 2-day weekend "super" CRAM course on a monthly basis. This challenging weekend review is designed to assist you in passing the school or state exams. Veteran real estate educators will guide you through a series of lectures, practice tests and Q&As to enhance your knowledge in areas that you find difficult. Over the 2 days, you'll be given numerous quizzes on all the topics that make up the Salesperson Prelicense course. The instructor will review the questions and answers and provide you an opportunity to discuss critical content that you may not understand.

This course is optional for Salesperson students but you are strongly advised to take advantage of this opportunity, designed to push you over the top on your school and state exams. Cram Course classes frequently fill up early and pre-registration is required. No educational credit is given for this program. However, it may be used to make up hours that you missed in your classroom course if needed. 

Atlanta REALTORS® Center
Atlanta REALTORS® Center
5784 Lake Forrest Drive
Atlanta, GA 30328

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Rusty Willis

Rusty began his career in real estate in 1995. After years of working with the consumer, Rusty found his calling in working, training, and coaching agents to success in their careers. Over the years he has managed several real estate offices and trained hundreds of agents. He is an active member of the Atlanta REALTORS® Association and serves on the Georgia Association of REALTORS® Forms & Professional Standards Committees. Rusty loves getting into the data and figuring out what's happening in the marketplace.